Welcome to Bennington Retrievers!

We brought our puppy home this last January 8th. He has the most wonderful demeanor and we are overjoyed with him in our home. The only way we could be happier is with another one. Kodi is now 45lbs and running for mayor in town 😂. Our house is not complete without a a dog in it and Kodi is the cherry on top. Glad to be a Bennington dad”


Winchester is awesome!  He learns new things easily and rarely barks or whines! He loves to go for rides, and especially loves to go to work with my husband.  Winchester is his #1 employee.☺️”


We are so in love with our sweet Callie girl (Helen). She is super smart and is so good with our 9 year old Lab, Elsa and our Granddaughters. She loves to take walks, play ball and dig holes 🙃. We can’t imagine our lives without her. I would highly recommend a sweet Bennington Retriever. 🦮❤️


Bennington Retrievers gave my family the greatest joy through our yellow lab, Sophie! The process was so simple between picking her out and bringing her home. She was potty trained and crate trained almost immediately and then house trained very quickly after that. She is very intelligent and full of love, I cannot imagine my family without Sophie in it! Thank you Bennington Retrievers!