Our Mission

Our Mission

Bennington Retriever’s Mission

​As a Christian, it is my delight to be able to give from what God has given me.
When you adopt a Bennington Retriever know that, yes, you are making a difference in your life, but you are also making a difference in someone else’s life.

How I Give:
Each of my dogs financially support orphans in need, and/or different missionaries; through Gospelink, Compassion, and my church… for the missionaries’ safety, I do not have them posted to my website, but you can see the kids and some information about them below! The support funds go to helping cover the cost of the child’s food, clothing, and schooling. For these kids, having a monthly supporter can make all the difference in the world!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a Bennington Retriever! You are making this possible!

Who The Dogs Support:

Meet Rhoda

Bullet supports Rhoda and has been since 2015. Rhoda’s parents passed away in a terrible biking accident, but even though she has had hard things happen in her life, she doesn’t lose heart. When she grows up she wants to be a nurse. She dreams of coming to the U.S. someday to attend university. Rhoda loves helping out in the home and is an amazing older sister. She loves sports and is also a great student. She has learned English very well and has even sent me a few letters.

Rhoda’s birthday is: June 21st, 2005.

Meet Marko:

Akelah started supporting Marko in 2018. Marko’s mother passed away in 2009. He was only one year old at the time so, sadly, he doesn’t remember her. Marko’s father tried to care for him and his older brother Kelvin, but the sudden death of his wife distressed him greatly. He was not able to feed the two boys, and there were no relatives in the area to assist them. Social services eventually stepped in to save the boy’s lives, and even though their father is still living, both brothers now live at a Gospelink children’s center. They’ve been there since 2014, and they have adjusted very well. Marko loves soccer, like all boys, and does well at school. He has a quiet personality and is not easily irritated or provoked.

Marko’s birthday is: September 30th, 2008.